The Novel Experience Event UPDATES!

Changes for The Novel Experience event… ones you are going to love.

Via Stella Price and the TNEE blog:

When we set out to do this event, we wanted to make it one that would allow for more authors, and therefore more readers in a setting that didn’t break an author’s or reader’s bank. We had hoped for about 900 authors over three days, but now, several months into it, we have seen that authors on the whole are not interested in events that have a low impact to their promotional and travel budget, and we had hoped for a very good showing this first year.

Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. So we have taken steps to ensure the authors attending, and those yet to register, have one hell of an event that is focused on them, their books and the readers that are flocking to this event.

So the new set up for this event is as such:

Friday: “Table/ Booth” set up in the ballroom (9am-3pm),
Friday: Preview night for all VIP readers and bloggers (4pm-7pm)
Friday night: VIP access to author events, readings and access to the Aquarium

Saturday: 10am-5pm: Main event in the ballroom. VIP’s get in on their own line
Saturday Night: 7pm-1am: Author Parties, readings, off site events and the Bar

Sunday: 10am-4pm Author promo-palooza ( where readers and bloggers will get tons of goodies and such for their blogs, book clubs and personal swag)

With this new schedule ALL AUTHORS WILL SIGN AT THE SAME TIME. (This means that any authors that paid for a second day will be refunded the 25$ in the next two weeks.) The main signing is on SATURDAY with a Preview day Friday for VIPS!

VIPSs are readers who purchased the VIP ticket to do all the evening events for all days, some special goodies from the attending authors (A special packet ) and other awesome stuff we are NOT telling about yet. If you have already registered for the full weekend as an attendee, you HAVE a VIP ticket.

Now… The interesting news…

Because we have changed the schedule, we are now limiting the amount of authors that will be able to attend this event, and what’s more, only the authors that sign on for 2014 will be GUARANTEED to sign in 2015, Vegas. So that means that 250 authors will be guaranteed, and there will be 100 spots for everyone else to try for in Vegas. So sign on now… And guarantee your spot.

READERS! You do not have to register for a VIP ticket to attend and stay at the hotel. If you are just interested in the booksignings, you can sign on for the Saturday signing day, and the promo palooza, without paying for the VIP tickets. Once you do, you will get a Conformation, and that will have the info for your rooms. We have the CHEAPEST price in the city for this weekend (there is a city wide of 205 but because TNEE is a Non profit, we were able to negotiate 129 a night!)

Also, Any reader attending will have access at NIGHT to the reading rooms and the aquarium (as it’s a separate ticket at the door) But in order to get into author parties, you will need to get a special invite flyer from the author… and TRUST ME, you WANT to be going to these parties!)

Lastly—- Readers…. If you are coming, and bringing your book club with, please let us know. We have some special goodies for book clubs, and some special free opportunities (like bulk passes to parties, special bracelets for the preview and other awesome stuff).

Bloggers: if you are attending the event as well, don’t forget your blogger info! Authors wanna meet you! Authors will have individual opportunities for bloggers as well!

So that’s it from TNEE central! We will be updating the website starting today to reflect ALL the authors attending in one spot! We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta in March!