Release news: Mark’s Courage

Well, it looks like on top of Second Chance Summer releasing on Wednesday, I’ll be able to get Mark’s Courage online for a February 15th release. It’s a small vignette serial I’ve been doing as I can, and Mark 3 is about major changes being thrust at both Mark and Jimmy.


Jimmy’s career is rolling full steam ahead and the challenges of a dating a celebrity are beginning to encroach on Mark’s stable world. When Jimmy is nominated for an award, even Mark’s co-workers question his intentions. Will he stay at a job he enjoys, or will he find the strength and courage to be what Jimmy needs most?


Chapter One

Mark rolled over in bed and nuzzled the strong shoulder beside him. A shoulder linked to a body whose head was all but buried under the pillow. When Jimmy was on his stomach, it was a common way of finding Jimmy and always gave Mark a warm smile. Like a four year-old kid, he dove under his pillow and stayed there.

There were still mornings when he woke and just stared at the man beside him. Yes, he was guilty of that, and honestly expected—given the chance—he’d be doing it well into old age. Jimmy was simply perfection to Mark. An abstract person he’d admired from afar for years who, nearly against the odds, became a friend until Mark had no choice but to fall like a loon head over heels for the man. Thankfully, Jimmy fell right with him. It hadn’t been an easy landing either, but Mark had never been happier. It wasn’t always easy dismissing the fact that Jimmy was in truth adored and desired by probably millions, from two different yet very high-profile careers. Jimmy wasn’t just Mark’s. But when they were in this bed, in their apartment, Mark was all Jimmy’s and that seemed to be the perfect balance for them.

Good thing I’m not psycho-possessive. He tipped into the bedding to hide his growing grin. It wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t impossible. Learning to know the real Jimmy Saldana, not the one on glossy pages with a sinful body and a devil’s grin, proved the difference between infatuation and real emotion. Not many got to know the insides of Jimmy. Family, friends, Jimmy’s mother and Mark. Mark guarded that soft center with all of his soul.

The muted trill of his cell phone in the other room pulled his attention away from the sleeping hunk in the bed.

Easing away, he quietly walked out of the bedroom to answer the phone. A glance at the screen and he knew who it was. “Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, honey. How are you?”

Mark sat on a kitchen chair. “Going good. How’s everything up north?”

“The usual. Your dad is tearing apart the boat motor again.”


He could hear his mother’s exasperation, and pictured the likely accompanied eye roll that would go with it. “A usual Saturday.”

Mark covered his mouth to stifle the chuckle. “Eh. It keeps him out of trouble.”

“True,” she agreed. “I called to invite you and Jimmy to dinner next weekend. Is he still in town?”

“For another two weeks, then he’s back on location.”

“I don’t know how you can do that. Are you holding up all right?”

“For the most part, yeah. He calls a couple times a day to stay in touch.” Or he would send texts or pictures. He wasn’t talkative, but he was a texting maniac when he had lulls on set.

“Well, see if you have time. Your old bedroom is yours if you need to stay over.”

“Thanks, Mom. I’ll see if he’s able and let you know.”

They chatted for a few more minutes, and then he hung up. Warm arms circled his shoulders from behind as he did.

“Morning,” Jimmy murmured, brushing a tender kiss to Mark’s neck. “Who was on the phone?”

“Mom. She wants us to come up next weekend.”


“You know, she’s already got us married.”

Jimmy laughed roughly, still sounding sleepy and sexy. “So does half the world. Do you see me complaining?”

Mark arched his head backward, caressing temple to temple. “Nope. Me neither.”

Maybe someday. Wasn’t a rushing emergency in Mark’s book. Things were good the way they were. No need to fix what wasn’t broken.

“Come back to bed. It’s Saturday and I’m not ready to get up yet.”

“Only if you promise to run with me later.”

“Deal,” Jimmy breathed before he started sucking on Mark’s earlobe.

“You’re so easy.” Mark reached behind his shoulders, clasping at Jimmy’s body and hair with seeking fingers.


“Saturdays are five mile runs.”

That got a gut-deep groan from Jimmy. Standing to wrap Jimmy in his arms, Mark gave his man a good morning kiss that was well worth going back to bed for.




Thanks for coming to take a peek. I hope you’re enjoying Mark and Jimmy’s little adventures.