Sex Scene Saturday: Chad and Sonny

To celebrate my Father’s Day release with MLR Press, I’m sharing a little lovin’ from The Good Life. Just adore the cover on this one. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to squeeze those cheeks?


Chad’s eyes kept closing in sensational bliss. Every kiss felt like a brand; every warm swipe of a tongue, a heated caress that sank to his bones. Sonny was effortlessly keeping his mind off whatever he may have done to his arm earlier in the evening. He’d never felt it when he’d hit the ground, too upset and angry with the asshole determined to rape Dex. With a raw swallow, he murmured his agreement to Sonny’s request. He didn’t see himself wearing a cape and taking out more bad guys anytime soon.

Sonny’s strong arms encircled him and rolled them together until Chad was beneath him, leaving him staring up into bottomless brown eyes, the kind of eyes a man could see the end of time in. He released a slow moaned sigh just as Sonny kissed him. Sonny was making him boneless. With his hands free, Chad explored as far as he could reach on Sonny’s back, up and down his spine and over his ribs. Slight shivers traveled in Chad’s wake, encouraging him. Warm skin. Chad was in heaven.

It felt unusual kissing Sonny but right. Sonny. The one man who’d been by his side through thick and thin, the one friend who’d never judged. Chad wasn’t sure how he felt about him, about this. He adored Sonny. Oh, he did want him. There was no hiding the need Sonny created in him, the craving and lust that just being in his presence created. It felt strange that, after all these years, it was like a wall had come down. A touch or a hug or just being there when he needed it and being understanding. Chad would never forget walking out the back door to the yard and finding him glistening with sweat under the descending summer sun.

Brian may be an Adonis.

Sonny was his Atlas.

Chad groaned, his analysis of the moment being shattered in no uncertain terms when Sonny slid down the bed and unsnapped his jeans. Relief pulsed more blood into his already raging hard-on. He arched reflexively when cooler air breezed over flushed skin. The heat of Sonny’s lips on a hip crease fisted Chad’s hands into the bedding. “Oh, God, Sonny,” he whined.

The tug of his jeans raised his hips off the bed, and his clothes were stripped down with his boxers. A few seconds were spent removing his shoes, then socks and jeans were ripped away.

“Sexy baby,” Sonny crooned. Roaming hands slid up his shins to caress Chad’s inner thighs. “Remember that summer we spent the week at the lake, when we graduated?”

Chad swallowed, hunting for moisture and finding none. He nodded instead, swimming in feeling because Sonny’s hands never stopped.

“That was when I knew for sure I was in love with you,” Sonny murmured, adoring every square inch of skin he could find with a mouth that knew what it was doing.

Chad was tossing in a sea of feeling and memories. That week had been a fucking blast. Skinny dipping at midnight in a lake that was all theirs. Drinking whiskey because they could. Baking under the sun like Greek gods. A total boys’ weekend that lasted six fabulous nights.

“How?” Chad croaked, shivering because right then hot breath was streaming over his nuts.

Sonny lifted on an elbow to gaze up the length of his body. “You were incredible, sexy. I knew how I felt but knew you didn’t feel the same. I’d looked at a lot of guys but until then, didn’t date any.” Sonny shrugged. “I tried to get you out of my system.” He lowered and dropped a tender kiss to Chad’s abdomen. “There’s always just been you, babe.”

Before Chad could formulate a thought to respond with, Sonny’s mouth was moving over skin again, coming dangerously close to his aching shaft but managing to offer no relief. Sonny purred as he roamed. The vibrations were killing Chad, splintering him as quickly as he could pull himself together again.

“Sonny,” it was a breathless plea, “not going to last.”

“Don’t have to,” he replied. His tongue curled beneath his sac and massaged his balls.

“Fuck,” Chad muttered, dazed, “but…” he panted, “want…” Can’t think. He whimpered because Sonny was rolling flesh over his tongue and into his mouth, popping them in and out like candy, sucking on them.

“Shh,” Sonny crooned. “Enjoy, sweetheart. Making love to you, remember?” He teased Chad, a low rumbled voice that arced sensation through thin skin right up to his brain. Firm pressure on his thighs had him lifting, exposing everything. Light teeth nipped at skin. Chad clawed at the covers, at the headboard. Sonny was out of reach, and it frustrated him to no end to not be able to touch.

Chad cried out, biting it off before it got too loud. The wet lap of Sonny’s tongue over his hole had Chad growling like an animal. That sound seemed to crank Sonny hard when fingertips dug a little tighter into skin where he gripped. “Where’d you learn…” Chad forced the words through a tight-clenched jaw, stifling his groans of pleasure.

Sonny chuckled but didn’t answer. Chad realized it didn’t matter so long as he was the only one who got to reap that reward. Wet and warm, pressure on sensitive skin shot the need to come up his spine like a comet. The friction of being filled made him clench his jaw. His heart thudded wildly into his ribs. The teasing glide, teamed with Sonny’s wicked tongue, was heaven and hell.

A hand wrapped around his dick before Chad realized he’d moved, tugging hard, jerking himself off to the delicious heat of being stroked.

His neck arched and his body tightened like a strung wire as his balls unloaded dollops and one long streak that was a near hit on his nipple. Gasping, he shivered, oblivious until Sonny removed himself from Chad’s body. Muscles flexed, and he whimpered, missing it, wanting more, wanting it again.

Warm lips soothed his, brushing lightly in gentle, loving kisses. “Can I have you, Chad? Do you want me?”

“Fuck, Sonny,” he panted. His chest hurt from dragging in air. He was drained in the best way possible. “God, yes!” He laughed a little when he realized how needy he still sounded, even after the best orgasm in natural recorded history.

Sonny’s smile curved against his mouth. “Sexy bastard. Want you so bad.”

The light exploratory caress of a palm on his sac shot a fresh shudder through his body. He released his softening shaft, his hand plopping to the bed.

The returning stroke of Sonny’s tongue was magic, licking up the stripes of spunk and murmuring in pleasure as he did so. “Taste so good, all of you.” He wielded his tongue like a delicate surgical tool, cleaning the tip of Chad’s dick, dipping into the slit to clean the last drops.

Chad sucked in a moan, his spine growing tight again, shocked at how quickly blood began to pulse. His skin grew heated. The bed shook, and he managed to crack an eye open. Sonny stood beside the bed wiggling out of the shorts he wore, a comfortable black drawstring pair. He couldn’t tear his gaze away as inch by inch, Sonny was bared. He licked over his lips, wanting to taste him.

The man was built, all over. He hung thick and heavy, his balls and cock in a pelt of dark black curls. Chad’s lips quivered on a sucked breath. “Geez, you licensed to carry that thing?”

Sonny smirked, a heated stare pinning him from beneath a wealth of lashes. “Armed and dangerous, babe.”

“Fuck me,” he moaned.

Sonny stepped out of his shorts. “I’m gonna, sweetheart. Right through the mattress.”


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