Sex Scene Saturday: Josh and Laurence

Today, I’m having a little fun with Glitter. Time to make your day sparkle!


Josh tried not to stumble, even though he was short-circuiting between his brain and every other part of himself. He couldn’t look away from Laurence’s lips, pink and smooth sliding up and down his finger, now shiny and slick. His dick ached, watching him. Somehow they made it back into the bedroom. He didn’t argue when Laurence gave him a gentle but firm guiding shove to lay on the bed.

“I really can’t believe this is happening,” Laurence said with a wispy breathlessness.

“Is it bad? You don’t want—”

Laurence did that thing with his fingers again, pressing them to Josh’s lips. He doubted the other man had even an inkling of how that got to Josh.

“Definitely not bad.” Laurence crawled up on the bed. “My big, burly caveman.” He nuzzled into Josh’s chest.

Josh admired his length as Laurence played to his heart’s content, roaming across his chest, running discovering lips over exposed skin. What he was doing left little doubt that Laurence was thoroughly enjoying his adventures. Soft purrs, light kisses, flicking licks and then… “Oh, shit.” Josh hissed, flexing uncontrollably as sparks lit on his eyelids. Laurence teased at his nipple, doing things with his mouth that made his eyes cross. “What… Oh, God. Laurence.” Josh couldn’t help himself. He threaded a hand through the tousle of fine, sunlight blond hair, needing to touch. Laurence’s response was to rub a cheek to his chest like a contented cat. Then he returned to the torture that had been slowly melting Josh’s brain.

None of the girls he’d dated had been particularly fond of the chest hair, so he’d never experienced the mind-numbing bliss Laurence was so easily giving him. He’d never known how good it felt to be licked and teased. Then Laurence migrated due west and repeated the delicious sensations.

Laurence used his tongue like a weapon, carving and slicing his body apart. Nerves tingled all over.

“Shit!” Josh jerked, groaning when Laurence dipped into his belly button.

“Too much?”

Josh couldn’t speak, only rocking his head in answer.

“Remember, handsome. If anything is too much, stop me.” He felt Laurence adjust, Josh’s hand still loosely wound through the fall of his hair, following his motions until Laurence hung over him. “Look at me, Josh.”

He cracked his eyes open with monumental effort. His entire body was singing the praises of Laurence’s mouth. He didn’t mentally trip in the least, knowing it was Laurence either. Not with those amazing blue eyes piercing him all the way to his soul.

“I want you to enjoy this. Want you to feel good, because I feel good doing it for you, but if anything is too much, say so.”

Peering up into his earnest eyes, waiting for a single sign of approval and agreement, Josh’s heart skipped. “Want you to.” He wasn’t sure when or if he’d ever be able to do the same, but for right now, Laurence was playing him as skillfully as any violinist. Then to add his own level of proof, he brought Laurence close and kissed him. Licked at his lips for entry then danced over his tongue. Teasing at Laurence, he snagged the tip of his tongue between light teeth and drew on it, suckling. Laurence’s entire length shivered and he moaned, a soft keening sound that drove right through Josh’s heart.

Slowly, he let him go, still stunned at how much he enjoyed that, how much he wanted more, and by how much he hoped Laurence never stopped.

“Where are the rubbers?”

Josh gulped for air. He didn’t know exactly what Laurence had in mind, but he knew he could hold him to his word that at any point he’d back off. He also realized to what depth he truly trusted the man gazing at him. “Bathroom. By the towels.”

Laurence coasted over his chin with kisses. “Stay right there.”

Josh couldn’t have moved even if the bed was on fire. Okay, maybe for that, but anything else? Didn’t even enter his radar. He watched Laurence’s swish as he vanished into the bathroom to return a moment later. The tent in the front of his shorts sent electric chills down Josh.

Laurence opened his hand and dumped several condoms on the nightstand. He climbed with a seductive prowl onto the bed, his pale eyes pinned on Josh. “You are incredible,” Laurence murmured. He lowered and licked at the soft skin of Josh’s inner thigh.

Josh fisted the covers when Laurence bent close and buried his nose in the vee of his legs. Trembles shot to every corner at the playful tease of his hot tongue. Without knowing what drove him, he widened his straddle and was rewarded almost instantly. A tremulous sigh escaped Laurence when he bent close again and this time that wicked tongue licked over his balls.

“No underwear. Sexy as hell, caveman.” Laurence’s weight shifted as he knelt on the bed. “Can I take these off you now?”

Josh trembled but not out of fear. He hooked one side and getting the signal, Laurence eased fingers into the elastic on his hip and together they shimmied them down. Bending his legs to help, Laurence peeled them off Josh and tossed them.

“Could lick you for days.” Laurence sighed in rapt pleasure.

“Yeah?” Josh see-sawed between wanting to melt and wanting to combust. Those words were of the melting variety.

Lashes dipped, hiding Laurence’s eyes. “I’ve always thought you were hot, Josh.”

Josh sat up, his body bending in the middle. Gently grasping Laurence in his palms, he kissed him, a bone-melting, mind-bending kiss of Josh-sized proportions. When he let Laurence go, they were both trembling. “I’m yours.” He bit off the “baby” that wanted to come naturally to his lips. He wasn’t sure if it was right, or wanted, but he did know that what they were sharing was better than perfection.

Laurence pressed him back to the bed. He obeyed without a fight.

“Do I get to see you?” Josh whispered.

“You want me naked?” Laurence paused with his hand on Josh’s chest.

Rolling his bottom lip between his teeth, hoping he wasn’t doing yet something else wrong, he nodded. “All of you.”

Laurence’s eyes closed and a shiver rocked his shoulders. Josh wanted to touch and all that separated him was a pair of shorts from his deepest desires. For years, he’d been unable to ignore the pert little butt, the smooth roundness of perfection in those damn jeans or pressed pants that he wore when he was working with other students. He’d touched it once that morning, held Laurence in the palm of his hand, but now, he wanted…however much he could manage, however much he thought he could offer.

Laurence slipped from the bed one more time. Standing at the edge, he unknotted the drawstring. The waist sat right below his hips, hanging low with a dare at his hipbones. Then they were falling. And Josh was staring at a naked man. An utterly incredible naked man.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

Laurence stood there, letting him take his fill. Laurence’s waist was cut, his stomach flat and his chest smooth. Narrow hips were aligned with slightly broader shoulders. Lean and long legs were muscled. He was as perfect as a sculpture. Even the fine hair at his groin was perfect, a shade darker than his hair, but what grabbed Josh by the throat until his mouth went dry was the cock sticking up and bobbing oh-so-gently at him. His wasn’t terribly thick, but the length… Oh fuck. Josh moaned taking it all in, all of the man and all his parts.

Mine. It was a silent growl of possession, happened and was gone before it solidified. He’d think about it later.

“Still okay?” Laurence’s soft words dragged his focus up. Patient eyes watched him.


Josh saw the dejection, the cave of his shoulders when Laurence deflated. And the flash of hurt.

Before he could bend to retrieve his shorts, Josh said clearly, “You’re not on this bed with me.”

Laurence straightened with a shocked burst. Josh raised a hand to him. Tentatively, Laurence threaded their fingers together. Running his hand over Laurence’s side, he eased Laurence onto the bed with him. He only got as far as lying directly over and above Josh. His body sung with the surge of heat between them.

Laurence lowered his weight and they were skin to skin. Josh’s fingers flexed where he held Laurence’s side.

Josh blinked. “Does it always feel like this?” he whispered. A sense of rightness, of awe swarmed over him as he absorbed it all.

“Like what, Josh?” Laurence was stroking, soothing, tender fingers creating furrows through his hair.

“Like I want to be like this, be a part of you and stay there?”

Laurence stared at him and said nothing. Josh swallowed. His pulse beat with an echo that began to get louder and louder.

When Laurence finally spoke, Josh was seconds from a panic attack, from ending it all and never looking back at his most foolish mistake.

“It’s perfect, Josh.” Laurence flattened himself to Josh like a second skin. The contours of body meshed and mirrored. Hard muscle to hard muscle. Each breath eased them together like ships on the tide, flesh to flesh. “Want you.” Laurence’s whispered words were raw and reached deep into Josh.

Josh knew that longing, understood the wanting. Holding Laurence within his arms, it was as though four years of insecurity, misunderstandings, anger and fear melted away. There was now. Them, together.

Nothing in his life had ever felt more right. Josh turned his head, his lips brushing against Laurence’s ears with the wisp of a breeze. “Show me.” A fresh shudder rolled down Laurence. Something Josh had never felt in his life, the silken slide of a dick against his, the friction of skin to skin stole his breath. Laurence moaned, his fingers digging into Josh’s hair.

Lips slid down Josh’s throat, the damp heat of a wicked tongue wrapping his desires and tying them into a neat bow. A rumbled sigh filled the quiet of the bedroom. Then Laurence was moving, kissing, sucking, nibbling and teasing. Soon, he’d slid beyond Josh’s reach though he never stopped touching.

The slick heat of Laurence’s tongue against his balls arched his spine. With his eyes closed, sparks danced across his vision. Laurence drew on one and rolled it over his tongue. Josh moaned, oblivious to everything but the intense pleasure rising upward from that wicked, talented mouth. When Laurence blew across damp skin, Josh almost jerked out of his skin.

“Oh, God.” He gasped. No one had ever made him feel like this.

Then Laurence upped the stakes. He dragged the flat of his tongue up the length of his shaft, pressing on the vein underneath. Josh’s head rocked side to side. “Fuck! Laurence.” His chest heaved.

“Taste so good,” Laurence purred, licking around and up and down.

Josh knew it was wrong to compare him to the women he’d slept with. Laurence was in a league by himself. It was clearly apparent that the pleasure Laurence was giving was also being taken, that Laurence wanted to lick and touch as much as he knew Josh wanted it.

“Laurence,” he rasped. He was getting close, his balls tightening and tingling as the need for release grew.

“Shh. I got you.” Laurence stroked his thigh, running fingers through the short hairs of his groin. “Better?” he asked a moment later when Josh wasn’t panting like a freight train.

He gulped and nodded. His mind was zeroed in on every caress and touch. Then Laurence shifted and the rip of a condom opening showered him with goose bumps. “Okay, sexy. Just relax.”

Josh couldn’t have moved if he’d wanted to.

The press of the condom rolling down his length startled him and he lifted enough to focus on what Laurence was doing. Slim fingers guided it to the base, giving him light squeezes.

“Remember your finger?” Laurence asked.

Josh managed a croaked, “Yeah.”

When Laurence rose above him on his knees, Josh got a clue. “Oh fuck!” He growled, a hoarse shout. Wet heat covered the tip of his cock. “Shit, Laurence. Fuck. Yesss!” He ground his hands into the bedding, his hips lurching. Laurence swallowed him as deep as he could. Moving up and down in a slow ride was Josh’s undoing. It had been too long since he’d enjoyed any type of contact.

He thrust and Laurence opened wide and took it. The wind of silky hair twisted over his fingers, though he never remembered lifting his arm.

“Shit, yes! So good. So…ughnn…fucking hot.” Words grew to unintelligible mumbles and growls. The swipe of a tongue, the hard press of jaws and Josh cried out, erupting into the condom with an orgasm that ripped upward from his toes. Heat roared down his spine from his nape.

Laurence moaned, the vibration sinking through latex and skin, skittering shivers across Josh in a cascade of shocks. The sweet pressure of his mouth milked him through to the end, until Josh was a mess of bones and skin on the bed and not much else.

Laurence eventually pulled off the condom and tied it to dispose of. He kissed Josh’s hip. “Be right back.” He eased from the bed for the bathroom.

The sound of running water reached the bed, then he returned with a damp towel. He cleaned up Josh’s softened length, drying him tenderly. Once on the bed, he swiped at the covers and Josh realized Laurence had also… He swallowed.

“Did you?”

He grimaced apologetically. “Hard. Sorry for the mess.” He dabbed at Josh’s leg and Josh chuckled. He hadn’t even noticed, he’d been so mind blown with his own orgasm.

“Shut up.” He smiled sleepily at Laurence, catching the bright red on his cheeks. “Clean enough,” Josh decreed, not wanting to wait any longer to hold him again. “Toss that and come ‘ere.” He was drowsy, slurring his words. He widened an arm and Laurence snuggled into his side. “Amazing, baby.”


Shit! Totally missed catching it that time. Josh tensed but a soothing hand petted circles on his chest.

“It’s okay, handsome. I like hearing it from you.”

Josh melted. A few minutes later, he rolled to his side and Laurence flipped, scooting to press back to chest. Josh wrapped caging arms around his body and was out like a light.



Since the day Josh met Laurence, he was positive the man was a preening peacock escaped from the Exotic Bird Exhibit. There was something raw and bright, eye-catching and absolutely, unashamedly gay about Laurence. He was outrageous, outgoing, and wild enough to drive Josh up a figurative wall. Josh didn’t expect Laurence to be anything other than who he was, so long as he did so a good ten feet away from him.

Josh and Laurence’s friendship was more like two enemies circling each other around mutual friends. Their arguments were legendary.

Until one night, fate stepped in and changed everything. There was a hard truth waiting for Josh around the next corner. An attraction that could not be denied. One that refused to be ignored.

Would their tenuous friendship survive the fallout between these two reluctant friends? Could a love that took four years to emerge be stronger than either had ever anticipated? Or were they destined to remain merely frenemies?



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