Hop Winner!

First I want to thank everyone who came to visit during the Hop Against Homophobia blog hop. Less duplicates and my posts, there were 21 comments!!  To round it off, that means a donation of $25 will be made to True Colors!! http://www.truecolorsfund.org/ Thank you so much for commenting.

Now for the books winner….. I’m giving away my DeRicci beach book trio: Glitter, The Charlie Factor, and Doing Love Right (PDF). Via Random.org….


Unfortunately, I don’t have a listed email for you, so please contact me. (I think that’s the first time I’ve had a first commentor win too!)

Again, thank you to everyone for participating in the hop, for sharing stories and for showing support. Your sharing may have just been what that one person needed to read to know they’re not alone out there.