Time to blow the dust off here….

Hey everyone! I know, long time since I’ve been here, but I come with great news! And fun news! I’m going to be joining forces with some wild and crazy authors over the next few weeks to bring you Sex Scene Saturday! Yep. I got yanked into the room and now they’re dancing around me and threatening with duct tape, so I guess I’m in. *grin*

I’ll be posting here on the 12th, and then every Saturday for the next three weeks (four total) as well as sharing some info about the book, like a mini blog, and links to others who are doing the same. Maybe you’ll find an author you haven’t read yet, or a book you missed. Happens to me all the time. So with that, I hereby invite you to peruse this and many other blogs starting on May 12th to enjoy some fun and excerpts!


Diana Castilleja / Diana DeRicci