Things coming….

So in the near and far future, I have a few things that I’m going to be taking part in. In February, I’ll taking part in The Romance Studio’s Valentine’s Day party. This runs from February 10 thru February 14th. I’ll be popping in out with more than a hundred other authors so I hope you’ll come join us. The link is and mayhem will be sure to ensue!

Then in May, I’ll be taking part in my first blog hop. Yep, my very first one. But this one is for a very good cause and has some wonderful authors already signed up to participate. The blog hop is Hop Against Homophobia, and runs from May 17 thru the 20th. Just a few of the authors already signed up are Andrew Grey, NJ Nielsen, Angel Martinez, JP Bowie, Erica Pike and K-Lee Klein. There’s over fifty already so it’s sure to be a wonderful hop! So I hope you’ll join us in May for this one.


That’s all the newsy bits I have for the moment. I should have more information in the coming weeks on more releases and appearances.