The Charlie Factor – A Recommended Read!!

A new review! I cannot say thank you enough to those of my readers who have enjoyed and fallen in love with Charlie and Gregory.


Tina says:

The Charlie Factor by Diana DeRicci is the first book in the Beach Duo series and a book I won’t soon forget.  Charlie is a character who is very real and believable; I never wanted his story to end.  He has so much depth and different layers to his personality, which make him memorable and lovable.   He’s overcoming a lot of adversity and is strong enough to see the sunshine in life.   

Gregory is equally strong; he just doesn’t know it yet. Taking a chance on Charlie is the best thing Gregory has ever done. Together they can overcome and be much more than they are separately.  Their coming together seemed very natural and believable. I could practically feel the heat coming from the pages. I highly recommend this book to anyone who truly loves to read man romance. It’s beautiful and memorable; I think you’ll love it as much as I do. 


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