Exceeding my wildest expectations!

While I always hope a story connects with readers and does well, when they actually do… It takes me by surprise, because what is magic in one book is bullcorn in the next. So waking up this morning and seeing this absolutely made my Monday. To the readers who’ve enjoyed The Charlie Factor and my books, I thank you.

I am with some awesome company here. 🙂



AllRomance eBooks

Best Sellers
  1. Determined Mate
  2. Not My Wolf
  3. Touch My Wolf
  4. Unexpected Mate
  5. Why I Love Geeks
  6. Out There in the Night
  7. Scared of Spiders
  8. The Heart of Texas
  9. Beg Me
  10. The Charlie Factor


Top Reader Rated
  1. The Charlie Factor
  2. Love and Rockets
  3. Love Transposed
  4. Taking You Home
  5. Bound by Honor
  6. Finder Tolan
  7. Taken
  8. Nothing Ever Happens
  9. American Love Songs
  10. Out There in the Night


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