Another year gone, memories to savor

I’m sad that this is the final year for Authors After Dark. In truth, sad is too banal and mundane of a word, (too short also!) to really express what AAD has been for me. I’ve met some of the most amazing authors and the most caring readers because of AAD.

AAD is family. And every year this family gathered for the love of books. I know it’s not good-bye forever, only good-bye for now, until our next reunion, until our next gathering of like-minded people who love to talk books, characters, plots, genre, and so much more.

There are others who are tons better at expressing what AAD has been for them and I can only agree. It has been everything and so much more than I ever thought it could be. From where it started to now.

Which just means this is only a chapter, and while it’s ending, the next one is right around the corner. There will be new ventures, new reunions, new opportunities. So it is a teary farewell for now.

Until the next chapter is revealed.